About Routers

A Router is a networking device which forwards data packets between multiple networks. It includes sharing of files, folders, computer components etc. The significance and importance of this little yet impactful device can be evaluated from the way that it finds a place in every family to make their lives and work more convenient. These routers are becoming more dense, commanding and easier to use for most of the population due to improvements in the field of networking in the last decade. Millions of the individuals from all across the globe are using these routers to gain admittance to the rapid web network and also to share the same with, multiple other devices. Nowadays, people can access online platforms for their every need, hence routers become an important asset for a person`s computer need.

Troubleshooting For Routers

Router Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Unmatched Wi-Fi Security Settings.
MAC Address Security Settings.
Free or Disconnected Cables.
Overheating or Overloading.
Wireless Signal Limitations.

Setup/Login Issues

Cabling Issues.
Power Issues.
Wrong URL/IP address.
Wrong Credentials Issues.

Light not Blinking issues

Green light is not stable.
Flashing orange, solid red or no light.
Constant light blinking.
Right arrow blinking issues.
Left arrow blinking issues.

Remote access issues

Port forwarding issue.
DHCP/IP address issues.
Firewall configuration.
Anti-virus configuration.
Layer-2 security configuration.

Support for Routers

Support For Netgear

Netgear is only the most recent advancement of a legacy of inventive wireless routers and modem routers. It serves the world’s quickest wireless router range. 

Support For D-Link
It is a worldwide organization that has more than 127 sales offices in 64 nations and operates Telecom Service Providers, and selling through merchants.
Support For Linksys

The popular Linksys router is WRT54G series. They have products which are best suited not just for basic browsing and emailing, but for multiple devices, HD video streaming, gaming and more

Support For Belkin

Driven by customer’s needs, Belkin endeavors to give agreeable and satisfying network to its clients. Associating individuals around the globe has been Belkin’s go for the years. Its flexible products can be used for both homes and offices.

Support For TP-Link

It provides reliable internet connectivity and excellent network performance. It’s three dual band antennas and powerful amplifiers guarantee ceaseless Wi-Fi signal to all your devices while widespread coverage throughout your home.

Support For TP Tenda

The router device has unique features. Because of its advanced features and functionality, Tenda is a good brand if you are looking for a budget Wi-Fi router as it is best in its performance and software.

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