Easy Steps To Change The Username And Password Of Netgear Router!

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A WiFi router is one most used peripheral of the external computer that uses an incoming Internet connection and converts it into a local wireless network signal, allowing computers system to connect to the Internet. Netgear is of the leading manufacturer of WiFi routers. If one has to change the Admin password for Netgear router, it can be changed by logging into the WiFi router admin interface through a Web browser.

Have you ever noticed the one notable fact that when you buy any new WiFi router device, it is configured with default factory settings? Most of the users never notice and continue using it with its factory default settings. For checking the default WiFi router settings, you simply need to go to its local web address, which is www.routerlogin.com and access the WiFi router’s interface.

Here you will find that the username is admin and the default password is called password. While using a WiFi router device you should be well aware of its complete security guidelines and recommendations listed inside the user manual. In order to improve the WiFi router security, you should configure its default settings to personalized ones.

Remember that this password is different from the one you use it for accessing the WiFi device. This is referred to as the admin password which works as a piece of the necessary information to configure the admin console of your WiFi router. The WiFi router admin password is most helpful for cases when you want to implement some WiFi router restrictions or you want to add a powerful extra layer of protection.

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How to Change Username and Password of Netgear Router?

Is your WiFi router password compromised? Or do you want to just update it? Whatever be the case, let us consider that you want to change the current password for your Netgear WiFi router. To change the default password for your Netgear WiFi router, you just need to follow some simple steps discussed below:-

Step 1: Launch any of the installed web browsers on your wireless device or computer system that is connected to your WiFi router’s network.

Step 2: Type any of these listed below URLs into the address bar of your web browser:



If you have changed the URL address for your wireless router, then you will be required to type in the URL which you created.

The router login window then opens and displays to the user.

Step 3: Enter the default WiFi router password and username in the provided fields of the login interface. As you already know that the default password and the username for your Netgear WiFi Router are password and admin respectively. After the successful login, the user interface for your Netgear WiFi Router will be displayed on the frontend.

Step 4: Click on the option labeled as Advanced and then click on the Admin tab. Finally, select the Set Password option on the left side. Here you can set the desired password for your WiFi router. Now enter the old password, and type the new password twice in the given fields. If you want to recover the WiFi router password ahead in future, then select the check box of Enable Password Recovery.

Step 5: Click the Apply button to save the settings that are updated and close the browser window after applying the last final changes. This way the password for your Netgear WiFi router has been changed.

Finally, you can exit out of the Netgear WiFi router interface. The next time you access the admin interface of your WiFi Router device, log in using the respective username and the new, updated password.

If in any of the situation, you are still facing any difficulty in changing the Netgear WiFi router password or unable to login into its administration panel, you can ask for troubleshooting help. The other best approach is to factory reset the Netgear WiFi Router to its default factory settings.

Note: As suggested by Netgear, you should enable password reset option for your computer or wireless device so that you can later change the password for the WiFi router user admin. This option eases you in resetting the password in case if it is forgotten. Remember that this process is only supported in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers. Safari browser does not support this reset process.

Hope the above article is helpful in changing your Netgear WiFi router password and username. Hence, by following the easy steps, you can change the Netgear WiFi router password in an accurate way.

To get help for Reset Netgear router admin password or any information about Netgear router password recovery, then you can contact the support team and complete full step by step guide is available on our website on how to Change my Netgear router password.

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