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Home Wi-Fi networks have evolved rapidly over the years. These are being evolved as technologies have gotten better and the demand for those specific networks have skyrocketed. The requirement for our network connectivity is uncomparable we are talking about laptops, phones, cameras, security systems, and much more devices that connect to your home network, therefore, it has become really important to have a better and reliable home network. Everyone requires a Wi-Fi that is fast, reliable and which covers the entire range of the house. There is a very common way to achieve a strong Wi-Fi signal across the house i.e. having a Netgear router installed. The best router to serve this purpose and to cover your entire home network range is Tenda router.

The Tenda router is a single access point located somewhere at the center of your home to serve all those devices and client. Tenda router consists of a mesh network. The new mesh solution of the Tenda router replaces the old access point feature in your house and cover your entire house with a strong Wi-Fi signal. It connects to the main ISP and interacts with satellite. It is very reliable, fast, secure and covers your entire house range with a strong Wi-Fi signal and that is why Tenda router is so awesome. Mesh Wi-Fi solutions are expensive these days. But Tenda, one of the leading brands in routers and switches provides you the best range of routers at very affordable prices. Tenda router is the most economical in every aspect. Tenda routers support automatic network optimization and the automatic selection of router, which allows you to have a more stable and flexible wireless network. With Tenda mesh technology, the router supports more Wi-Fi enabled devices and the smart QoS intelligently allocates the bandwidth to make sure the smooth streaming, downloading, gaming and uninterrupted video chat at the same time. The easy to use Tenda Wi-Fi app allows you to block Unauthorized users with a single tap. It also supports parental control which will help your kids surf the internet safely and also guest networks to protect your personal privacy.

tenda router support

To access the Tenda router, follow the steps below:-

  1. Firstly, plug in the router and connect it to your computer or laptop through a wired connection.
  2. Now connect the cable into the Tenda router in one of the yellow ports from 1 to 4.
  3. Now open a web browser and go to
  4. Now you will be asked for username and password.
  5. Fill admin in the username and admin in the password section.

To configure the IP address of Tenda Router, follow these steps:-

  1. Firstly, Connect a computer to the Tenda router.
  2. Plug one cable in the yellow port and plug the other end of the same ethernet cable into the computer.
  3. Now open the web browser.
  4. In the address bar type – and press enter.
  5. Now you will be asked for username and password.
  6. Fill admin in the username and admin in the password section.
  7. Now click on WLAN setting.
  8. When this opens select Advanced settings.
  9. Now click on IP address row.
  10. Change the zero to one.
  11. Finally, click on Apply button.

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