D-link’s Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number


D-link’s Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number

Contact D-Link Router Customer Service Helpline | Technical Support

D-Link Router – One Stop Solution Center 

Are you looking for the smart solution to eliminate D-Link Router problems? Call on the D-Link Router support phone number and enjoy pro services.

D-Link offers a wide array of routers and other networking equipments which cover all of your home and office networking needs. Each product of this company represents the advancement of communication technologies and innovation. By calling on our D-Link Router support number, you can avail complete service and support services, to maximize profits with minimal effort and expenses.

Contact D-Link Router Customer Service Helpline | Technical Support

D-Link Router Setup and Troubleshooting:

Our team of network engineers and hardware specialists are having years of experience in resolving D-Link Router issues. Here are some of the frequent problems those hinder the performance of your D-Link device. And we also provided information on how to get rid of these awful conditions.

  • D-Link Router Installation – Most times, people face lots of difficulties during the setup or installation of the device. Our expert technical panel is here to help you in making your D-Link router installations hassle-free.
  • D-Link Router Settings or Configuration – Whether you are a newbie or a regular user, configuring the router wrongly could lead to serious problems. Configuring multiple devices using the router or sharing systems will become easier. So, dial our tech support helpline number and find assistance in setting up the network with ease.
  • D-Link Router Connectivity Issues – Get rid of all connection errors and issues in connecting to the web or network. DNS and duplicate IP errors also can be resolved within a few minutes only.

Along with these, there are hundreds of issues can occur with your D-Link router. So, when you found your D-Link Router not working, consider to call on our support guys. We have become the ultimate service providers globally to many individuals, small and medium companies, and large scale enterprises.

We promptly attend calls and provide expert technical support for 24*7, 365 days. Contact D-Link Router Customer Service Helpline | Technical Support

D-Link, when founded in March 1986, was known as Datex Systems Inc. Later , it was renamed as D-Link in 1994. It was first announced publicly and became the first networking company. It started as a manufacturer of network adapters, but has turned into the leading manufacturer, developer, and designer of networking solutions for the business market and for home users. It is a worldwide organization that has more than 127 sales offices in 64 nations and operates an indirect channel model, affiliates, Telecom Service Providers, and selling through merchants.

Its business products include routers, network cameras, firewalls whereas consumer products cover consumer wireless devices, media players, storage, and surveillance cameras, broadband devices, and many more.

We analyzed some of the Best D-Link routers available in the market for you. Here, you have that list


Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi Router

Dir-600M N150

Broadband Wireless Router

DGL 4500



Ethernet Network

Air-Plus Xtreme G DI-624


DIR-825 AC1200

Seamless Wireless Performance

Features of D-Link router

  •  High-speed Wireless Connection.
  •  Supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standard technology.
  •  Support WPA/WPA2 and Dual Active Firewalls (NAT/SPI) for security.
  •  Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) Ports for fast connections.
  •  More coverage area because of its four high-gain antennas.
  •  QRS Mobile app for easy setup.

D-Link Router, despite of having multiple features, can experience issues once in a while. Resolving those issues become mandatory to get hassle-free services. There are many issues user can face but we have listed some of the possible issues.

Common issues faced by customers

  •  Installation and configuration issues.
  •  Wireless/Wired Internet connection issue.
  •  Unable to connect to the ISP.
  •  D-Link router Login issue.
  •  Error messages.
  •  Driver Update issue.
  •  Unable to find the correct IP Address.
  •  A recovery of old password.
  •  Router factory reset issue.

Login And Setup Configuration Guide For D Link Wireless Router!

D-Link is the worldwide provider of system innovation answers for purchasers and organizations to interface with data, assets and one another. D-Link defines innovation advancement by designing award-winning, superior and first-to-market products to suit each budget.

D-Link has a scope of Routers to meet your everyday needs for home and a private company. Associate a Wireless Router to your current Cable, NBN or DSL modem to make a safe wireless system to impart your Internet association with everybody in the home. You can without much of stretch offer photographs, files, music, video, printers, organizational capacity and substantially more all through your home or office. With Wireless AC, the most current age of Wi-Fi innovation, appreciate ultra-quick speeds on your wireless system and experience uninterrupted video-spilling, lightning-fast pages and substantially more!

Thus, you just purchased a D-Link router and now you’re ready to get your quick Wi-Fi fully operational. Because of the D-Link Router Setup process, it should be simple. In any case, just on the off chance that you’d like some additional assistance, this blog clarifies the whole procedure and even provides links to accommodating assets. You need to process the important guide mentioned below:-

  1. Firstly connect the power adapter that is included and also connect your router.
  2. Secondly connect the ethernet cable to the internet (WAN) port of your router and the respective modem, which are connecting both of them. the WAN ports are normally yellow in color.
  3. Now give it some time to start up with an indication of light.
  4. Now move to your mobile device or the computer.
  5. Now look in your system inclinations and associate with the Wi-Fi Name (SSID) which is found on the provided Card of wireless configuration and type in the password likewise listed on the card.
  6. Congratulations, now you are connected.

The version number and the respective model number, which are always together, are printed on the label of the product which is located on the back panel or bottom of the D-Link router. You need to note the following things:-

  1. You should not use the numbers which are printed on the retail boxes as these numbers are not device specific.
  2. Your device is a V1 model number if you are not able to see a version number like V2 or V3.
  3. And lastly, if the SP appears after the version number lets say WGR614v9SP then the model is an internet service provider (ISP) specific. If you want any kind of technical support for an SP model then you should contact your internet service provider (ISP).


D-Link has since a long time ago been synonymous with superb routers and modems and its present lineup is irrefutably the organization’s best hardware ever. With probably the quickest gaming routers accessible close by a portion of the best spending choices at the cost cognizant, doubtlessly that D-Link has a router alternative for everybody. Our rundown beneath highlights D-Link’s best routers on the market at the present time. The overall best D-Link routers right now are DIR 615 wireless router, D-Link 2750u wireless router, D-Link DIR 8501 wireless router and many more.

D-Link wireless routers enhance the performance of remote devices and play an essential job in expanding the router coverage of the home systems. It gives a reliable connection and enables different device connectivity remotely such as mobile devices, PC devices and media players to the web also enhances wi-fi connections in the area where the range of routers become low or extinct. On the off chance that you keep running over any issue with your extender, it is recommended to get on-the-spot Support For D-Link Router from our tech specialists.

D-Link Router Support makes it simple to settle issues not only on your D-Link wireless router but also for every other problem that you have consisting of it in your home. Get the final and foremost support reliable service and talk to the team experts that you completely trust. Here you can solve your problems quicker and faster with every minute and second of everyday benefit. We will manage any of the possible issues for your D-Link wireless router but also fix them so that you would not face such issue again and again. Say no to router issues with us. On the very little chance that you can not find out exactly what you are looking for, you can without much of a hassle contact your image maker for D-Link router specialized support or Support For Netgear Router. They would help you in each viewpoint. On the very little chance that you can not solve your problems with them, you can contact D-Link Router Technical Support Number at https://routerhelplinenumber.com/. We have top-rated experts in our group who can solve any of your issues immediately and without keeping you in a queue.


Services we offer

  •  Resolve Installation/Setup of D-Link router issue.
  •  Support for Configuration of D-Link router.
  •  Resolve D-Link Router Login Issue.
  •  Help for D-Link router web console language issue.
  •  Help you with Factory Reset of your D-Link router.
  •  Troubleshoot each and every sort of D-Link Router issues.

Users holding technical background may resolve some issues on their own but users with non-technical background take it as a complicated task for which they need expertise help. Routerhelplinenumber is very practical and supportive to its customers. Our Support team don’t put customers in queue and resolve their issues instantly. You can contact our specialized team through Email or through live chat. You can chat with us Now!! You can also drop us a mail at support@routerhelplinenumber.com.

Don’t wait and get your D-Link router problems sorted.

Note: Support Services provided by us may be available free of Charge from the brand owner or manufacturer if you are still covered under any such Warranty.

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