How do I reset the admin password on my Netgear router?

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What is admin password on Netgear Router?? Admin password is that password which is used by router to authenticate its users. When users try to login into Netgear Router, they need to put username and password and that password is admin password. By default admin password is set to password and its case sensitive but you can change this password by logging into router. If you don’t know how to change the admin password please follow the link: (Login Netgear Router) for the same.

Netgear recommends you to change admin password routinely in order to protect your network from security breaches. Once in a while situation may arise that your memory may betray you and you forget that password. Now option is to reset that password but if you haven’t enable admin password recovery feature then you won’t be able to reset Netgear Router admin password. You can simply follow link:(Reset Netgear Router Password) to enable that feature.

Once you have enabled that feature you can easily reset your password by following below mentioned steps:

  1. Open any of the web browsers on your computer.
  2. Type URL or in URL bar.
  3. You can also opt for Netgear Router Login IP for the same.
  4. You would be prompted to Router Login page that asks you for username and password.
  5. Default username is admin and default password is password. But our case is different as we have changed our admin password and we are here to reset that password.
  6. Click cancel button there and if password recovery is enabled, you would be prompted to enter router’s serial number. You can find it on router’s label.
  7. Enter the serial number out there.
  8. Select continue button and you would be asked to answer 2 security questions. These security questions are used for security purpose and router takes answer to these questions when you enable admin password recovery option.
  9. Click continue and a screen will display to reset router admin password.
  10. Select new password and confirm password. These two field must be same.
  11. You would be prompted to enter new security questions and if you want to make it more secure then change these questions.
  12. Select NEXT and you have successfully reset your password.
  13. Click LOGIN button to get yourself back to Router Login window.

This process remains same every time you wanna reset you admin password. Select good and strong password so that no security breaches take place in your router network. Good password is a combination of Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numeric values, special characters such as !@#$ etc….

If you are unable to find what you were looking for, you can contact your brand manufacturer for Netgear Router technical support or Netgear Router Customer Support. They would help you with good solutions.

If you can’t resolve your issues with them, you can contact Support for Netgear Router at . We have experts in our team who can resolve any of your issues without any delay and without keeping you in queue. We always ensure that you don’t face such issues in very near distant future. You can drop us a mail at or can get support from live chat option available on our website.

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